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  • Tax Workbook 2018

    Each chapter deals with a specific topic or topics and the chapter contents progress from relatively easy questions to more difficult questions dealing with integrated problems. Each chapter contains examples with detailed solutions, which students can use as an aid to their studies, and questions without answers, for the use of lecturers. 

    Regular Price: R 330.67

    Special Price R 280.67

  • Student's Guide to VAT Act 2018 e-book

    The guide has been written with specific reference to the Examinable Taxation Pronouncements (the tax syllabus) for the Initial Test of Competence (ITC) of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

    Regular Price: R 339.51

    Special Price R 288.18

  • Internal Auditing: an Introduction 6th Edition e-book

    The main objective of this textbook is to familiarise the learner with the internal audit environment.

    Regular Price: R 359.67

    Special Price R 305.29

  • Managerial Finance e-book

    This textbook is aimed at students undertaking an introductory or intermediate course in corporate finance looking for a single book that will assist them from second year until their Qualifying Exam (QE).

    Regular Price: R 377.91

    Special Price R 320.77

  • Graded Questions on Auditing 2018 e-book

    The purpose of this book is to set out the basic principles and conceptual issues of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

    Regular Price: R 385.61

    Special Price R 327.30

  • Inleiding tot die reg en regsvaardighede in Suid-Afrika

    This work is mainly aimed at helping students to think like jurists through the innovative educational and learning-stimulating approach that follows. The theoretical and conceptual knowledge included in this is supplemented with applied practical exercises that provide a valuable tool for making the substance more understandable. This integrated approach promotes the student's ability to develop his / her personal academic skills. More specifically, this work supports the development of personal language skills, critical and independent thinking and research skills.

    Regular Price: R 449.95

    Special Price R 335.00

  • Family Law in South Africa e-book

    The book provides an accessible introduction to the principles of the law of family.Dealing constructively with the inherent change, uncertainty and possibility within this area of law, the text provides the essential material in a comprehensive source and gives attention to linking up all of the concepts as a holistic whole. It is designed to reflect the content of an undergraduate LLB course, and it covers thoroughly all the important topics within the subject, including recent key developments and cases. The book includes features to support student learning by inspiring independent, critical and reflective engagement with the subject. The book would also be a useful resource for legal practitioners wishing to clarify new or foundational principles of the field.

    Regular Price: R 454.95

    Special Price R 339.00

  • Accounting Questions for Students e-book

    First year accounting book for students.

    Regular Price: R 408.24

    Special Price R 346.51

  • Introduction to the South African Law of Persons e-book

    The intention of the authors in the creation of this work was therefore to make a user-friendly source of the law of persons available to the students. It is hoped that the interactive nature of the book, the use of icons and examples and a marginally simplified style of writing will contribute, not only, to making the study of the law of persons a pleasant experience, but also to comprehensively mastering the subject, which is of cardinal importance in the further legal training of the student.

    Regular Price: R 410.00

    Special Price R 348.00

  • Insolvent Estates 8th edition

    The Law of Insolvency concerns itself primarily with the financial state of affairs of debtors. It has its origins in Roman Law, Roman-Dutch Law, and English Law and is now regulated primarily by the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936.[1] However, the word insolvency has its origins in the Latin word insolutus, meaning literally an inability to pay.[2]

    Regular Price: R 411.86

    Special Price R 349.59

  • Familiereg in Suid-Afrika

    Familiereg in Suid-Afrika bied n ryke bron van vakkundigheid, asook 'n lewendige en toeganklike inleiding tot die beginsels van die familiereg. Deur die gemeenregtelike, statutêre en grondwetlike komponente van die familiereg saam te snoer, verskaf hierdie werk 'n deeglike en insiggewende oorsig van die mees onlangse leerstof wat vir n voorgraadse LLB-kursus in die familiereg onontbeerlik is, met inbegrip van sleutelonderwerpe wat tot die vakgebied bygevoeg is deur: Die Children's Act (Kinderwet) 38 van 2005 Die Civil Union Act (Wet op Burgerlike Verbindings) 17 van 2006.

    Regular Price: R 473.00

    Special Price R 352.00

  • Rekeningkunde Vrae vir Studente e-book

    Eerstejaar rekeningkunde vraeboek vir studente

    Regular Price: R 408.24

    Special Price R 353.81

  • Insolvente Boedels 8ste uitgawe e-book

    Die insolvensiereg het betrekking op ʼn skuldenaar se finansiële sake indien die skuldenaar nie in staat is om sy skulde ten volle te vereffen nie. Die Insolvensiewet, het sy oorsprong in die Romeinse Reg, Romeinse Hollandse Reg en Engelse Reg en word nou gereguleer deur die Insolvensiewet 24 van 1936, vorm die basis van die insolvensieregvorm. Die woord insolvensie kom van die Latynse woord insolutus, wat letterlik beteken 'n onvermoë om te betaal.

    Regular Price: R 411.86

    Special Price R 356.95

  • Introduction to Law and Legal Skills in South Africa e-book

    Strongly practical and applied, the text offers numerous discussions and case illustrations which demonstrate the application of the principles. The book adopts a critical approach, implemented through discussions and analyses, which supports independent thinking and the development of academic skills. Key areas of national and international law are addressed. The text highlights and cross-references the interrelationship between criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence in order to assist understanding. The text highlights and cross-references the interrelationship between criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence in order to assist understanding. The text offers a rich discussion of policy issues based on a modern, Constitutional perspective.

    Regular Price: R 485.10

    Special Price R 362.00

  • Performing Internal Audit Engagements 6th Ed e-book

    In this textbook, the audit process followed during the execution of an internal audit engagement is explained, after which it is practically demonstrated by applying it to the various business cycles within an organisation.

    Regular Price: R 429.06

    Special Price R 364.18

  • Accounting for Attorneys e-books

    The textbook Accounting for Attorneys was written to satisfy a need of attorneys and lawyers in the field of accounting. Attorneys should have a basic knowledge of accounting principles as well as the treatment of trust monies in order that control is exercised at all times on the treatment and recording of such transaction in practice.

    Regular Price: R 432.00

    Special Price R 374.40

  • Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications e-book

    A new kind of textbook for a new type of course, the authors of Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications have developed a new approach to engineering math that improves student motivation and success, and supports greater retention of engineering majors. Designed specifically for engineering students, who specifically cite calculus as the reason for dropping out of engineering courses, the textbook improves student retention, motivation and success through application-driven, just-in-time engineering math instruction provided by engineering faculty. MAT1001 MAT1002 MAT2002

    Regular Price: R 751.62

    Special Price R 399.99

  • Managing Supply Chains: A Logistics Approach e-book

    MANAGING SUPPLY CHAINS: A LOGISTICS APPROACH, 9E, International Edition refined its focus on the supply chain approach by blending logistics theory with practical applications. BLG3110 BLG3112
    Get this on credit. Just R62.53 / month

    Regular Price: R 620.09

    Special Price R 403.06

  • Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry 9th Edition e-book

    Known for its readability and systematic, rigorous approach, this fully updated Ninth Edition of FUNDAMENTALS OF ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY offers extensive coverage of the principles and practices of analytic chemistry and consistently shows students its applied nature. The book's award-winning authors begin each chapter with a story and photo of how analytic chemistry is applied in industry, medicine, and all the sciences. To further reinforce student learning, a wealth of dynamic photographs by renowned chemistry photographer Charlie Winters appear as chapter-openers and throughout the text. CHA2002 CHA1001 ZCH201 CHAV201
    Get this on credit. Just R64.76 / month

    Regular Price: R 642.24

    Special Price R 417.46

  • Introducing Physical Geography, 6th Edition e-book

    Introducing Physical Geography, 6th Edition is known for its clear writing, distinctive photos and illustrations and a strong supplements program. The text continues its tradition as a great book to help non-science readers visualize and understand earth processes and learn the basic language of physical geography. The new edition features a strengthened ""Eye on Global Change"" coverage and coverage of the geographers tool box. GENV101 GENV102

    Regular Price: R 859.14

    Special Price R 422.48

  • Principles of Electric Machines and Power Electronics 3rd Edition e-book

    Principles of Electric Machines and Power Electronics, Third Edition combines the traditional areas of electric machinery with the latest in modern control and power electronics. Multi-machine systems, brushless motors, and switched reluctance motors are covered, as well as constant flux and constant current operation of induction motors. Additional material is included on new solid state devices such as Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors and MOS-Controlled Thyristors. EEM2112; EEM2111; EEM3011; EEM3012; EEM4011
    Get this on credit. Just R86.63 / month

    Regular Price: R 859.15

    Special Price R 422.48

  • Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies e-book

    The 12th Edition of Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies explores major concepts in tourism, what makes tourism possible, and how tourism can become an important factor in the wealth of any nation. Written in global terms, it provides an overview of the principles, practices, and philosophies that affect the cultural, social, economic, psychological, and marketing aspects of human travel and the tourism industry. Among the topics given expanded coverage in this edition are: B&Bs, time shares, meetings and conventions, sustainable tourism, climate change, social media, and mobile marketing. BTO4411; BTO4422

    Regular Price: R 499.00

    Special Price R 422.48

  • Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements 6th Edition e-book

    Figliola and Beasley's 6th edition of Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements provides a time-tested and respected approach to the theory of engineering measurements. An emphasis on the role of statistics and uncertainty analysis in the measuring process makes this text unique. While the measurements discipline is very broad, careful selection of topical coverage, establishes the physical principles and practical techniques for quantifying many engineering variables that have multiple engineering applications. In the sixth edition, Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements continues to emphasize the conceptual design framework for selecting and specifying equipment, test procedures and interpreting test results. Coverage of topics, applications and devices has been updated--including information on data acquisition hardware and communication protocols, infrared imaging, and microphones. New examples that illustrate either case studies or interesting vignettes related to the application of measurements in current practice are introduced. ECIV401

    Regular Price: R 751.61

    Special Price R 422.48

  • The Architecture of Computer Hardware and System Software: An Information Technology Approach e-book

    The Architecture of Computer Hardware, System Software, and Networking: An Information Technology Approach, 5th Edition provides the right amount of technical detail needed to succeed in the field. This accessible introduction provides the basic principles of computer system architecture and organization in the context of the current technological landscape. The author provides chapters on the fundamentals of networking as it relates to computer systems as well as all kinds of business systems, from entrepreneurial to small business, networked, distributed, and more. This valuable book provides IT professionals with several real-world case studies that clearly show how the concepts are applied in the field. WRCV201 WRCV202

    Regular Price: R 859.15

    Special Price R 422.48

  • Exploring Management e-book

    Exploring Management supports teaching and learning of core management concepts by presenting material in a straightforward, conversational style with a strong emphasis on application. With a focus on currency, high-interest examples and pedagogy that encourages critical thinking and personal reflection, this book is the perfect balance between what students need and what instructors want. BCG4TR1
    Get this on credit. Just R75.35 / month

    Regular Price: R 747.31

    Special Price R 422.48

  • Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering: An Integrated Approach, International Student Version e-book

    Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering: An Integrated Approach, 5th Edition SI Version takes an integrated approach to the sequence of topics - one specific structure, characteristic, or property type is covered in turn for all three basic material types: metals, ceramics, and polymeric materials. This presentation permits the early introduction of non-metals and supports the engineer's role in choosing materials based upon their characteristics. Using clear, concise terminology that is familiar to students, Fundamentals presents material at an appropriate level for both student comprehension and instructors who may not have a materials background. MASV102 MEM1111 MEM1112

    Regular Price: R 751.61

    Special Price R 422.48

  • Introduction to Robotics: Analysis, Control, Applications e-book

    Now in its second edition, Introduction to Robotics is intended for senior and introductory graduate courses in robotics. Designed to meet the needs of different readers, this book covers a fair amount of mechanics and kinematics, including manipulator kinematics, differential motions, robot dynamics, and trajectory planning. It also covers microprocessor applications, control systems, vision systems, sensors, and actuators, making the book useful to mechanical engineers, electronic and electrical engineers, computer engineers and engineering technologists. A chapter on controls presents enough material to make the understanding of robotic controls and design accessible to those who have yet to take a course in control systems. EAMV401

    Regular Price: R 789.00

    Special Price R 422.48

  • Big Java e-book

    Cay Horstmann’s fifth edition of Big Java provides a comprehensive and approachable introduction to fundamental programming techniques and design skills, helping students master basic concepts. The inclusion of advanced chapters makes the text suitable for a 2-semester course sequence, or as a comprehensive reference to programming in Java. Combining an updated and more visual design, with major rewrites to make the content easier to read, provides students with an extremely approachable text. Filled with realistic programming examples, a great quantity and variety of homework assignments, and lab exercises that build student problem-solving abilities, it is no wonder Big Java is the number one text for early objects in the Java market. WRPV301

    Regular Price: R 783.87

    Special Price R 422.48

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